Salisbury Drum Centre has two rehearsal rooms that can be used individually or jointly for rehearsal and recording work. Both are soundproofed and ventilated and have internet access (ethernet and WiFi) as well as multicore connections for recording purposes. 



Our rehearsal rooms


Studio 1: Blakey Room

The Blakey room is 12 x 9 metres and provides ample space for a band to rehearse in. It has internet connectivity allowing you to upload or stream performances online as well as a 16 channel multicore that connects through to the Control Room for recording work.

It comes equipped with a backline PA system and amps for guitars and vocals. There is a house drum set to which you can add your own snare and cymbals or we can provide a selection of either for you to hire with the room. We can also provide microphones and cables.



Studio 2: Buddy Room

The Buddy room is 8 x 9 meters and provides ample space for two drum kits, vocals and keyboards or any combination of instruments. It can be used for individual music recording or it can be combined with the Blakey room as an isolation room/booth when recording drums or vocals with a band.

As with the Blakey room it has internet connectivity and a 16 channel multicore. It comes equipped with an amp. We can also add in a house drum set and / or microphone and cables depending on your requirements.



Booking a room

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